Edraw Max Educators’ review: The best diagram software.

  • Edraw Max combines all of the programs developed by Edrawsoft.
  • This means fashion designers, chemists, industrial demonstrators and educators are to be served by a single piece of a software. Every country map, every chemical bonding illustration and even an android logo can be found in Edraw. Although it’s not an image editing software, I have once use Edraw to edit my photoᅳ superimposing some icons on my photos. You have only have to copy and past an existing image to Edraw.
  • If you have been following this blog for a long time there is a higher probability that you have already encountered some diagrams with a watermarkᅳ Edraw Max. 
  • Albeit, you don’t have to be an ardent follower to get to know some of the diagrams we have drawn using the software, now hit a search ‘postmodernism’.
  • The real thing is, we have encountered a lot of alternatives like Visio. Visio is a direct Microsoft Word playground where you can play for a chicory and return home with a lead, whatever, I was disappointed to find some country maps missing. Despite this, Edraw seems to be fully packed with all the essentials needed for diagrammatical expression.

On realising my diagram needs an icon or some kind of oil-drum expression, a search string ‘oil’ was the punchy solution to have my oil icons popping up on my diagram

Library search

This search option is always available on the left action bar. After the results appear you just have to drag and drop the icons into the project you are working on. Again, there is an option to adjust the size of the icon you have just picked in the diagram. Some might find it depressing, every icon you add is always superimposed on top of the diagram and everything that you have added earlier in the diagram. Check on the dashboard there an option to bring anything you wish to appear on top, front

  • You can copy and paste any image file on your computer and paste it in your document. Good looking connectors and arrows are more appealing you can also adjust their size and thickness.
  • We can’t exhaust all the features this software packs for you.

Bad guy tips; How to save my work on a free trial?

  •  Edraw is not completely free, but it is a better and a cheaper alternative to Visio and Smartdraw.
  • A lifetime purchase comes at only $245 for two PCs.
  • Saving an Edraw image at a 30-day free trial is troublesome (Edraw watermarks covers the whole image) and after the trial, you won’t be able to use the software productively. If you are drawing images of less than 600 pixels in height you can press f5 (esc to exit) to view your diagram in full screen. Press the Windows search button and type ‘snipping’. Use the snipping tool to cut the part of the diagram you want. Save the diagram in .png format.

Edraw in Pictures

It won’t take a lot of time for you to master, the software looks much like a Word processor.

VenezuelaPage layout




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